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Your Information - Using Your Manchester Online

Once you've become a member of Your Manchester Online, please create a personal profile by choosing Update Your Profile on the right side of the page. On your profile page, you can choose what you want other community members to see about you.

It's a good idea to fill in as much information as possible, even if you choose not to display sections to other members. We may have news and offers that are suited specifically to certain parts of your profile form.

Leave a classnote
Just moved? Getting married? New job? New child? Choose Class Notes and update your friends about your life. You'll see other people's news here too.

Find a friend
See who else has joined Your Manchester Online with our Alumni Directory. Can't find anyone yet? Send them an email and tell them to email alumni@manchester.ac.uk to obtain their personal registration ID number.

Email for Life
With a University email address for life, you won't need to inform your contacts whenever you change email providers. We'll forward your emails to the mailbox of your choice through our free Email For Life service.

Update your address
Please tell us when you move house to ensure you receive up-to-date news from The University of Manchester please go to Update Your Details.